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Get rid of a double chin!

Even a well-balanced person with years of wisdom and experience can show signs of ageing. A look in the mirror reveals not only wrinkles but also skin folds, revealing a loss of skin elasticity in some parts of the face or body. If you eventually decide upon esthetic treatment, the surgeon would not have to use the scalpel – the procedure can be carried out by the SmartLipo Cannula device that melts away small layers of fat under the skin. The miraculous laser beam breaks down and melts the fat – treatment is particularly effective on a double chin. You can get rid of puffy cheeks and excessive fat in your knees, ankles, calves and other problematic areas.

Laser treatment guarantees removal of fat layers in many discrete areas of the body, with visible esthetic results. Laser beams from the SmartLipo device not only melt away the fat but also start the process of collagen restoration so in the following weeks skin is also tightened and smooth.

Surgery like double chin removal takes about an hour and is done under local anaesthetic. This surgery is very gentle on tissue and bleeding is minimal. The severed fat tissue can either be gently sucked away or let out by the lymph system. Recovery takes days not weeks. Laser treatment is the least painful method for modifying problematic parts of the face and body.

The same method can be used to get rid of puffy cheeks, excessive fat in your knees, ankles, calves and other problematic areas. If there is too much fat somewhere, severed fat can be sucked away with our revolutionary BodyJet device, now in full use at our clinics. In 10 to 12 weeks, you can revitalise your body's curves. Welcome to the new sexy you!

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