Male breast reduction

When the fitness does not help

Very often you can find males with distinctive breasts that are sometimes reminiscent of women's breasts. Lots of them try to hide their disposition in loose fitting Tees or sweaters, and in their  sub-consciousness they grow a complex. Special breast muscle exercises or frequent visits to the gym won't help those “booby” males. The cases are usually due to hormonal inbalance,obesity, kidney disorders or taking steroids. The breast enlargement is caused mostly by the fat deposition. Lots of them finally realise that plastic surgery does not have to be just a woman's domain. In that case, there is easy relief offered in many breast reduction clinics by tumescent liposuction.

Of course, next to tumescent liposuction, our specialists can also perform a surgery with a revolutionary device Body Jet, which makes liposuction a painless intervention.There is a minimally invasive operation, performed under local anaesthetic, which is gentle to the tissue and with an immediate recovery.

The client might wish to join this operation with some major Body Jet surgery, like liposuction of fat pads in the tummy or hip area and other problematic parts.The Client is sent home the same day after the procedure. After this surgery, you can finally go to beach fearlessly and wear tight shirts proudly.

It is a Gynecomastia if a lacteal gland is growing. In that case the person concerned should undergo endorkinological examination and eventually undergo surgery advised by endocrinologist.

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